If Republicans Are Starting to Call For Trump’s Impeachment, What the Hell is Nancy Pelosi Waiting For?

President-elect Donald J. Trump and U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi smile for a photo during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2017. More than 5,000 military members from across all branches of the armed forces of the United States, including reserve and National Guard components, provided ceremonial support and Defense Support of Civil Authorities during the inaugural period. (DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos)

If there is one thing you can count on when it comes to the modern Democratic Party, it’s the ability to seize defeat from the jaws of victory, time and time again, all while claiming they’re just taking the “high road.” But, well, they supposedly took the amazing Michelle Obama’s advice and went high when Donald Trump’s party went low, and what did that them? A steaming pile of nothing.

Democratic leadership, as well as those in the rank and file, have to make a decision. Do they do what the Constitution demands they do, and start the hearings that would produce articles of impeachment, or do they hem and haw? Do they delay? Do they, out of concern for the mid-term election that is more than a year and a half away, decide that impeachment is “too political” at this time, as if it is ever not political? Or do they grow a few dozen spines and do what they were swept into power last year to do, and hold that orange faced monstrosity to account?

If Democrats don’t act fast, they’re going to start losing the impeachment momentum to Republicans. Yes, you heard me right. The Republicans left in the GOP that still aren’t on Trump’s side are starting to really ratchet up their talk, and approval, of impeaching Donald Trump. Before any cynical, “YEAH, THEY’RE PROLLY TRYING TO HELP THE DEMS LOSE” bullshit gets sent my way — keep it to yourselves. The likes of Bill Kristol and Joe Walsh may not be the ones I’ll take policy advice from, but they have a vested interest in not letting the Republican Party completely die because of Trump’s stupidity, corruption, and deceit.

Kristol’s been tweeting relevant passages from Nixon’s articles of impeachment this week. He’s also been helping spearhead a new group called “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” which is putting out ads attacking Republicans in Congress who are not acting to protect the rule of law and hold Trump in check. Which is more than what Pelosi is doing right now.

So, yeah, if people like Kristol are tweeting out stuff like this, it’s a good bet that the sentiment will grow among like-minded conservative Republicans. Sure, maybe they’re outnumbered. Sure, maybe their party has already moved on from them, and doesn’t think they’re worth listening to. But I don’t think that’s the case, of course only time will tell.

Kristol is not nearly the only Republican calling for impeachment hearings to begin. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why Nancy Pelosi is so reticent to at the very least start openly talking about it as a real possibility. It’s not like they’ll hold the committee hearings and two minutes later be voting on the articles. These things take time, and to me the election next year doesn’t take precendence over reigning in an out of control, abusive, lying, corrupt fiend of a president. If they’re not willing to risk their electoral chances for the sake of the Constitution, then what they hell are they there fore?

J.W. Verrett has been a member of a few Republican presidential transition teams. He worked for Donald’s. This week, he made enormous headlines when The Atlantic published his piece entitled, “The Mueller Report Was My Tipping Point,” in which he, a Republican, argued directly and passionately for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Verrett gives us firsthand accounts of the atrocious leadership and dysfunctional authoritarian nonsense that Trump rules with. You know, just like the Mueller Report does.

In the face of a Department of Justice policy that prohibited him from indicting a sitting president, Mueller drafted what any reasonable reader would see as a referral to Congress to commence impeachment hearings. (The Atlantic)

The Mueller Report is so damning of Trump that he’s even forcing Republican lawmakers in states he carried to leave his party. In Iowa, the state’s longest serving Republican in their state legislature left the GOP because of Trump’s bullshit. Trump is so damn impeachable, in other words, that he’s forcing lifelong Republicans to reassess their allegiance to the party in the first place. Yet Nancy and Stenny Hoyer are still unsure about even opening the proceedings and holding hearings?

“I believe his actions have coarsened political discourse, have resulted in unprecedented divisiveness and have created an atmosphere that is a breeding ground for hateful rhetoric and actions. Some would excuse this behavior as ‘telling it like it is’ and the new normal. If this is the new normal, I want no part of it.” (Washington Post)

Joe Walsh — the politician, not the guitarist — is about as far from I am on the political spectrum as he can get. We don’t agree on very much at all in terms of what our government should or shouldn’t be doing. And I have to tell you, it’s been truly alarming how often I agree with the former Tea Party Republican Congressman. Walsh has been commendably consistent in his sharp criticism of Trump ever since he witnessed the Dotard in Chief grovel before Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Walsh is one of the few outspoken Republicans that waved the flag on Russia, and who isn’t trying to lie about Mueller’s report saying there was no collusion. Walsh rightly points out every time someone brings it up that Mueller only said he couldn’t prove a criminal conspiracy, but found boatloads of contacts and concerning communications.

Walsh tweeted today that when Trump says he’ll take any impeachment efforts to the Supreme Court — something laughable on its face because SCOTUS has as much say in impeachment hearings as Donald Trump has in designing gloves or condoms — that Trump “doesn’t care about the Constitution.” Kind of a “no duh” comment, I guess, but it’s vital that more conservatives tell the truth like this, so Walsh won’t get any snark from me on this front.

But if Nancy needs any more inspiration for doing the right thing, she doesn’t need to look any further than George Conway. Yes, that George Conway. The one married to Trump’s personal crypt keeper, Kellyanne Conway. This week, Mr. Conway laid out a breathtaking argument for why the Mueller report shows the argument for impeaching Trump is actually stronger than that of impeaching Richard Nixon back in 1974.

“Trump violated that oath and put his own vanity and self-interest above that of the nation and people whose laws and Constitution he swore to faithfully execute and uphold,” Conway tweeted. “If that’s not impeachable, nothing is.” (The Hill)

Now, I might disagree with George’s attempt to downplay just how crooked and abusive, downright tyrannical, that Nixon was. He was garbage and he wielded the office of the presidency to only his benefit whenever he saw fit. Still, if the man married to one of Trump’s closest confidantes and aides is saying it’s time for Congress to start the job of packing all of President Cunty Larue’s belongings and kicking him out of the White House isn’t enough for Nancy to take heed, I don’t know what will be.

Here’s hoping Pelosi breaks the Democrats’ streak for fecklessness. But you won’t find me holding my breath on that front, either.

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