President Hamberders McCovfefe Tried Trolling Joe Biden Getting ‘Tongue Tied’ and Twitter Laughed Its Collective Ass Off

When historians write about this era in American politics, I’m pretty sure the word they’ll use the most is “stupid.” Perhaps “moron,” or “moronic” will outpace “stupid.” I suppose “completely idiotic” is a two-word phrase, but it’s got strong potential in this regard as well. Then again, if we’re using two word phrases to describe the Trumpian Era of American Presidents, I think the term “self-unaware” is, perhaps, the most accurate way to describe the alleged billionaire occupying the White House.

Take for instance, his tweet today mocking Joe Biden. Apparently Biden was giving a speech this weekend and tripped up over some of the words in the speech. It’s definitely not a moment any politician looks forward to, since public speaking is probably the thing one does the most as a politician. But if you’re a politician who can’t read from a teleprompter without sounding like you’re heavily under the influence of narcotics, and make up African countries like “Nambia,” and completely butcher words like “hamburger,” and create words so unintelligible they become instant memes like “covfefe,” you prolly don’t have the moral high ground when it comes to someone else’s locution.

But, here’s Dumb Donny, chiming in like a broken doorbell anyway.

If the hypocrisy of a bumbling, incoherent, denture-mouthed moron trash talking someone else’s enunciation and diction isn’t enough to make you gag, Captain Stare-at-an-Eclipse-to-Own-the-Libs calling someone else a “low I.Q. individual” will surely put you over the top. Luckily for us, and unfortunately for Don, Twitter is still an open platform, and people can reply to his tweets. This means that users can remind everyone just how hypocritical it is for Adderall Magilicuddy to troll Biden over getting tripped up on a couple of words. The clapback to this tweet was pretty enormous, which makes me wonder if Trump will end up deleting it at some point.

For now, here are some Twitter’s best responses to Trump’s tweet.

A strong contender to open the festivities. @bjcreigh helped remind Trump, thanks to a video clip from NowThis Politics, just how much trouble Donny seems to have keeping people’s names straight, even when they’re standing or sitting right next to him. Sad!

Trump literally just made up the word “hamberders” in a terribly constructed tweet a few weeks back, but he thinks he can make fun of Biden?

This user had the same idea I did; Trump’s trolling is really just him broadcasting how completely self-unaware he is to the rest of humanity.

LOL, sure it’s a run-on sentence but they end it with such zeal and “dick head chickenshit” has a sing-songy vibe to it. A+ clapback.

Robert Maguire found another video clip to help demonstrate just how hilarious it is for Trump to make fun of how anyone speaks. Donald’s command of the English language is almost as good as his command of the not being an orange-tinted, delusional, white collar criminal and tax cheat.

Just an average American telling the toadstool dong’d emperor he has no clothes. Love every syllable of this.

The Daily Show’s social media channel made sure to chime-in as well.

Andy Ostroy makes a pretty valid point here. We’re supposed to be in the middle of a true, urgent, “national emergency.” If that were the case, how the hell is the President of the United States finding time to tweet-troll potential 2020 opponents? That seems like the kind of stuff you do when all the emergency stuff has been taken care of, but who am I to judge?

And here’s a great point — Trump threatened his former college with lawsuits if his grades got out to the public. Now, I ask you, would the world’s most eloquent and intelligent man be so worried about his grades coming out? Wouldn’t he be so very proud of them he’d broadcast them himself? Hmmmmmmm.

And finally, we’ll give the last word to Mrs. Betty Bowers, one of the greatest satirical accounts on social media. She found another great video demonstrating Trump’s stunning self-unawareness.

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