Meghan McCain Thoroughly Decimated Trump After He Viciously Attacked Her Dad

Donald Trump didn’t like John McCain, and it seems fairly certain from the lack of invitation to McCain’s funeral that the feeling was quite mutual. It’s hard to blame the McCains for being anti-Trumpers when one of the earliest things Trump said on the campaign trail in 2016 was that the man who actually did go to Vietnam wasn’t really a war hero because he was captured. One doesn’t have to agree with McCain’s political views to see how insulting it would be to hear a man born with a silver spoon in his hand, and three in his mouth say such a thing. The truly Trumpian Irony of course is that McCain was captured and showed heroic stoicism in the face of truly inhumane torture, fighting in the war that Trump dodged using his money and connections.

There is no love lost between the McCains and the Trumps, that much is certain. Obviously the D-List Reality TV Tax Dodger in Chief has a bugaboo over the fact that McCain helped hand-deliver the Steele Dossier to the FBI. Who knows if the so-called “Pee Pee” tape exists, but Trump protests too much about that dossier, and he blames McCain for it becoming public.

For whatever reason — maybe Trump’s bone spurs have flared up and he couldn’t get enough time out on the links — Donald has had a lot of executive time this weekend. He’s tweet-raged about all kinds of stuff. Obama, Crooked Hillary, those mean kids at SNL (he watched a re-run of the show he claims to never watch and tweeted again that the FCC should do something to curtail such hostile use of the First Amendment), and somehow managed to set his sights on the late McCain, yet again.

America’s Next Top White Collar Criminal quoted the bastion of investigatory morality and principled application of the law, Ken Starr in a tweet. Apparently Starr was on Fox News or something because he had time to comment on McCain’s handling of the dossier. As if Starr has any moral high ground to stand on, the Blowjob Crusader called McCain doing his senatorial duty and giving potentially explosive information to the department that investigates explosive information a “dark stain.”

Funny, we consider Trump an dark stain on the boxer briefs of American history.

Kind of telling and very fitting that Trump didn’t have the guts to say such things to McCain’s face before he died. Only Donny Trump would rile up his base by beating a dead war hero’s corpse. Sadly…I’m sure  he accomplished his mission.

Now, I will say without any apology that the number of things Meghan McCain and I agree on are probably pretty small…politically anyway. But for sure we both agree that Donald Trump is an utter and complete, loathsome scumbag. He’s human detritus; a useless husk of unearned confidence, swagger, and bloated gloating. Maybe Meghan and I disagree on what socialism is, and maybe we disagree on American foreign and domestic policies, but her response to Trump’s attack was a Molotov cocktail of truth, and it it was especially effective because it hit Trump where he bleeds the most when stuck — his ego.

Meghan was right, of course. Even as a libtarded libtard who mostly cringed at what her father fought for and stood up to say about stuff, I can see that many people in this country loved and admired him. One thing that makes this country great is that we can disagree about who was greater than whom. But objectively, no one could say that McCain wasn’t a far more decent man than Trump. If I could just get over his war mongering and racist resistance to giving MLK his own day, I would dare say McCain is the kind of Republican that needs to return to prominence.

Perhaps it’s petty, but I also like that as of right now, Meghan’s tweet has about three thousand more likes than Donald’s. It’s easy to admire, in a bipartisan way, her classy and elegant “Fuck you.” We all know Meghan is capable of that, much more direct verbal tack as well. But ultimately, she’s right. Trump is a pathetic loser that’s only loved and adored by other pathetic people.

In fact, the only thing really “wrong” with her tweet is that she implied Don’s family wants to hang out with him. I can promise you that deep down, they all loathe him and only like his money, whatever amount of that he actually has and they get access to. Then again, the family that grifts together stays together, so what do I know?

Predictably Tubby McStupid dipped back into the well, like an adderall addict in a pharmacy storage room before his State of the Union address. I have zero idea of McCain was “last in his class” at the Naval academy. I do know that Trump never attended. I do know that Trump is self-evidently dumb as rocks. And, much more importantly, I do know that he is utterly and completely full of shit. So, if he says McCain was in the bottom of his class, I bet he was probably at the top. That would be my assumption anyway.

Interestingly, Meghan did tweet another reply to Trump’s second attack on her father, but she deleted it. It’s her call, but she was right yet again in the deleted tweet.


It’s not often I agree with Meghan McCain. But if the Trump Era of American politics has taught us anything, it’s to truly value bipartisan agreement. We won’t be able to compromise or agree on everything, but most of us will be able to agree that Donald Trump is a crass, vulgar bully who is the master of projecting every shortcoming he has onto people he knows are better human beings than he’ll ever be. John McCain, for all his faults — and there were many of them — was a better human being than Donald Trump.

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