Nicki Minaj Reminds Tomi Lahren Who the Queen Is

Nicki Minaj’s Twitter handle is simply QUEEN, and it’s fitting. After the throttling Nicki gave Fox News contributing racist Fox News flapping face Thot-i Lahren, maybe she should consider updating it to “Khaleesi.” Minaj shutdown Timmy like she was unleashing a family of dragons on the vapid commentator.

It all started when Tinkerbell decided she needed to troll another black person. This time, it was a double-whammy for Lorenzo because she got to troll a black man who is also a non-citizen. When rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE in Atlanta over Super Bowl weekend, good ol’ Fourth Reich Barbie couldn’t contain herself, and she tweeted about it.

Anyone shocked by Toilet’s inopportune trolling of a man being arrested for an alleged visa violation probably doesn’t pay much attention to her. Lampshade’s entire persona is built on wagging her finger at uppity black people who dare to complain about how they’re treated in America. Tistheseasontobejolly is, therefore, the poster girl for white privilege and, more importantly, dog whistle white nationalism, couched in the flowery language of defending our borders, and shit.

I also have to say I find it quite hilarious that Tabasco is fronting on 21 Savage for being arrested, when the presidential administration she supports has resulted in dozens of indictments, and even a handful of high profile arrests and guilty pleas. The president’s personal attorney is going to jail for committing crimes the president told him to commit, and Thermos is out here gloating about a rapper getting picked up by the gestapo of ICE?

What a vapid waste of carbon she is.

If you’re worried about whether Twitter would drag her Eva Braun ass for this garbage tweet, you worried yourself unnecessarily. Because first Cardi B came with the epic callback. If you recall, Cardi threatened to “dog walk” Lahren a couple weeks ago because Tubetop decided to attack Cardi for her support of Democratic candidates and causes. When Lostcause opened her Twitter trap about 21 Savage, Cardi B was right there to bring up the dog walking again.

And of course Tilapia decided to try and look like the intellectually superior one, but her attempt came up as short as Trump’s dong in a long dong contest. But only after she tried to play it like Cardi’s callback wasn’t an epic sequel to the first round of shade she got. I like that her second tweet is a half-assed attempt at reconciling with someone she criticizes non-stop for being black and not conservative.

As great as it was for Cardi to swing her leash at Thrush-mouth again, Nicki Minaj’s clapback was one for the ages. She nailed Timothy for her incessant berating of black culture. She slaughtered Tornado for her attention whore tendencies. And she rebuked Taladega for acting as if her people are native to this continent. The “you fkn clown” part is just sheer poetry to me.

The sheer number of likes and retweets of Minaj’s blast gave poor Ms. Lollipop no choice but to feebly try to respond. I particularly enjoyed her attempt to assert that her ancestors discovered the continent. I’m not sure who Timmy’s related to, but since all the people who “discovered” America literally ran into it by accident, it’s pretty fitting that this White Supremacy Bratz doll would try to take credit for it; “discovering America” is a pretty lazy accomplishment anyway, considering the continent was already there for someone to eventually bump into.

I’m pretty sure Tomtom probably never reads the replies to her tweets, or at least she doesn’t read very many of them. But if she did read the replies to that one, she probably would want to find some traffic to play in. Which, if we’re being honest, might not be a bad way for her to get her cardio in. I’m just saying. Here are a smattering of some of the best replies to her attempt to clapback at Nicki.

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