Hilarious Protesters in Swamp Creature Masks Protested New Trump Interior Secretary’s Senate Confirmation Hearing

Oh, America. Just when I’m about ready to completely give up on you, one of us goes and does something cool, funny, and awesome enough to keep me caring just a bit longer. Or, in this case, a group of someones does something magically perfect and funny. What am I referring to, you’re wondering, as if the title of the article doesn’t give it away? Protesters in swamp creature masks at a Senate confirmation hearing. That’s what.

Remember “Drain the swamp” being shouted at us in 2016? Remember how that was supposed to mean that Orange Fuck Daddy was supposed to ride in on a unicorn and vanquish all the “swamp” people who had invaded our government, bilking taxpayers for their own corrupt intent? Remember how Trump was going to save us from people using the government to line their own pockets?  Then remember how Trump’s cabinet has been a revolving door of the exact kinds of people he said he’d rid Washington of?

Some people have definitely not forgotten, and they showed up to protest David Bernhardt, Trump’s new pick for Interior Secretary. Except, they didn’t make a lot of noise. They didn’t make any noise, actually. They simply showed up, and put on green, rubber masks that look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. And pretended to be interested in what Bernhardt was saying. At a time when so much is going so very, very wrong, it’s easy to get down and fall into a feeling of despair. Thank God there are people out there with their wits and their senses of humor intact, because this is fantastic.

Some of the protesters were there with Greenpeace, and while I certainly do not always agree with their tactics or methods, the simple truth is that they knocked this one completely out of the park. In a tweet explaining why they were protesting Mr. Bernhardt’s confirmation, Greenpeace explained that his ties to the gas and oil industries should disqualify him from a position overseeing the protection of America’s natural resources.

Activists from the Clean Water Fund, Environment America and Public Citizen staged the demonstration to draw attention to Bernhardt’s “long list of conflicts of interest with the oil & gas industry, and highlighting his historic anti-environmental past,” the groups said in a statement. (Washington Post)

Trump put a fox in charge of the hen house, or more accurately to the metaphor here, he put a swamp creature in charge of cleaning up the water, and Greenpeace was there to call “bullshit” in a hilarious and frankly very effective way. Of course, given the people Trump has put in charge of protecting our environment in the past — people like former EPA head Scott Pruitt, who made name for himself suing the EPA before he took it over, no one should be surprised that the White House is once again putting a swampy person in a position of power over our environmental regulations.

President Trump recently told Sean Hannity he doesn’t want to push America to develop more wind energy production facilities because the “wind only blows sometimes.” It’s one thing to question whether the left’s prescribed remedies for climate change will work, or are the most effective in other ways. It’s another entirely to be brazenly scientifically illiterate. Trump tweets all the time about how cold weather means we must not be undergoing global temperature gains. I bring this up simply to reiterate why it was necessary for the protesters to show up.

Given that Washington is full of humorless a-holes, the protesters were eventually ushered out, after a couple of hours. Don’t ask me why; they clearly didn’t pose a security threat. So that leaves us to believe that Republicans in that hearing room just simply didn’t like being reminded that they were helping their Dear President break his promise to drain the swamp.

Bernhardt is just the latest example of Trump’s broken promise about draining the swamp. The truth is he filled his administration with the same kinds of former lobbyists and CEOs that he said Hillary would, and his base just simply doesn’t care. Ultimately, protests like these may be just simply exercises in exorcising our angst and rage at watching our government be turned into a pollution-happy kleptocracy….but they feel good to watch, so here, below, is a clip of the swamp creature protesters at the hearing yesterday, courtesy Greenpeace’s Twitter account.

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