Rep. Devin Nunes, Is Suing Twitter and Three Users for $250 Million Because They Trolled Him

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) needs a safe space, everyone, and apparently, he wants a judge to make social media platform Twitter that safe space for him.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) sued Twitter, two anonymous Twitter accounts, and political consultant Liz Mair for more than $250 million, alleging that the defendants engaged in “negligence, defamation per se, insulting words, and civil conspiracy.” (Daily Beast)

Also, apparently, lobbyist cash must be drying up because homeboy is seeking a quarter of a billion dollars in damages from the people he alleges ruined his life by, essentially, trolling him and joking about what an obvious, in-the-bag-shill for Trump he is. Of course, the suit itself smacks of Trumpian disdain for anything that doesn’t suit Nunes’ fancy. Personally, I’m not sure what definition of “Free Speech” Nunes operates under, but the very most basic definition has always been, to my understanding, being able to make fun of and, yes, troll politicians.

Nunes, though, is very salty that three Twitter users have basically made hey of his foibles — and who can blame them because talk about having an ample supply of material — and he thinks since Twitter hasn’t kicked them off their platform, he’s exposed Twitter’s “political agenda.”

In the suit, Nunes accuses Twitter of having a “political agenda” by allowing two anonymous accounts—“Devin Nunes’ Mom” (@DevinNunesMom) and “Devin Nunes’ Cow” (@DevinCow)—and Mair to attack, defame, and demean him. The suit alleges the two Twitter accounts “engaged in a vicious defamation campaign against Nunes that lasted over a year,” and claims Mair “relentlessly smeared and defamed” the lawmaker by “filming stunts” at his D.C. office, accusing him of “multiple crimes,” and “filing fraudulent ethics complaints” against him.

Rep. Nunes is obviously one of those Donald “Chronic Jizz Face” Trump Jr. new-fangled Republicans that thinks having bad takes and shitty content makes you “shadowbanned” or “censored” by Twitter. I bet he probably thought there was a real-life pedophile pizza ring being run by Democrats. And something tells me he’s completely ignoring the massive pay-for-access-to-the-president scandal down in Florida that just so happens to involve a crap ton of Republican politicians and a woman who founded the spa where Cheatriots owner Bob Kraft got busted.

In another move that bears a striking resemblance to his favorite tangerine-tinted authoritarian dickweed, Nunes’ suit demands that Twitter be forced to reveal who owns the accounts and to then ban them from the site. It’s not hard to see why Republicans like Nunes are turning a blind eye to Trump berating GM, a private sector company in the much-ballyhooed capitalist free market — over closing down an Ohio car plant. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans recoiled at the thought of any elected official telling a private company how to run their business.

In addition, Nunes requested the court to order Twitter to reveal the identities of the anonymous accounts and to suspend @DevinNunesMom, @DevinCow, and Liz Mair.

The kind of content the accounts posted was actually pretty harmless stuff. Tame by Internet/what Nazi trolls sent me during the 2016 election before I was banned forever on Twitter.

Unbelievably, by the time of publication, Twitter had already suspended the anonymous accounts. According to their hot/wet garbage known as Terms of Service, it is against the rules to operate accounts for the sole purpose of trolling (I’m paraphrasing). I should know, I’ve been banned more than once, permanently, from that nacho cheese diarrhea fart of a platform. So I’m not surprised, just yet again bemused by Twitter kowtowing to fascists.

Also? Keep the fake accounts, Twitter and Facebook. It’s half of what makes social media bearable. Besides, you can mine and then sell our private and personal information to Madison Ave. much easier when we’re docile little lambs, right? Right.

The funny thing?  I’m actually hoping Nunes suit succeeds in one way — building a legal case for forcing social media companies to make their algorithms known, and for further regulations.

As someone who has been permanently removed from Twitter for swearing at public figures — elected public officials mostly — when they have the option to block or mute me, I genuinely hope that somehow Nunes’ suit is a building block toward disabusing social media companies of their most abusive, nonsensical enforcement policies. Not that I think Nunes was actually shadowbanned. Something tells me he just pumps out horrible content no one but like sixteen angry white nationalists in the Central Valley want to read.

So, I hope the judge awards Devin what he offers victims of mass shooting violence instead of action — thoughts and prayers.

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