Surprise! Benito Mussolini’s Granddaughter is Also a Trump Supporting Piece of Human Garbage!

In hindsight, perhaps when a D-list reality TV host and failed casino mogul with a lifelong history of lies, fraud, self-enrichment, and corruption was gleefully elected president by a large enough portion of the American electorate to be able to decide such things, we should have just known right then and there that things were going to be really comically bizarre for quite some time.

For instance, if you would have asked me in high school if the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini would defend her murderous, literal fascist of a grandpa, I’d have laughed. Why? Because by the time I was a kid in high school in the 1990’s, pretty much every thinking human being had surmised that Mussolini was, for sure, a barbaric asshole who ultimately got exactly what he deserved. In case you forgot, or haven’t learned this bit of World World II era trivia, things did not end well for the dictator Mussolini. When his people finally liberated themselves from his oppressive yolk, they “went there,” and he and his mistress were executed, and their bodies were absolutely mutilated and put on public display.

As gruesome as Mussolini’s death was; he’s not really a sympathetic figure. While a less violent outcome with more jail time might have been the way you or I would have preferred he face the music for his barbarism, the simple fact is that when you act like Mussolini did and inflict the kinds of absolute atrocities he did, no one should be surprised or all that horrified when the cork is popped, and all the pent up rage is spent on a very deserving target. Mussolini waged a horrific war in Libya, gassing people and planning the genocide of both Libyans and Ehtopians, and handing over untold thousands of Italian Jews to Germany to be executed.

Benito Mussolini was, without a doubt, one of the most unsympathetic monsters in human history. He deserves no defense. There is no excuse for his litany of nightmares he inflicted people, and in the end while his death might have been gory and hard to stomach, it was far from unjust.

Apparently, though, Alessandra Mussolini didn’t get that memo. Alessandra was born 17 years after her viciously horrible grandfather was executed, and she apparently thinks that good people have room to forgive her murderous grandfather, because she came after Actor Jim Carrey on Twitter last week, bringing down an avalanche of clapback and anger. Alessandra got dragged harder than her human detritus of a grandpa did.

See, Carrey has taken to using his paintings as a form of political satire, and while I can’t ever forgive him for helping Dr. Jenny McCarthy spread the dangers of anti-vaxxerism, he seems to have moved away from that movement, but his willingness is call out the powerful is commendable. One of Carrey’s frequent targets has been Donald Trump and the orbit of kleptocratic criminals surrounding him. Carrey drew the ire of Mussolini’s granddaughter when he tweeted a painting he did of the end of the fascist dictator’s life, making a point about how fascists could end up losing their power.

Now, if I were kin to one of the worst bad guys in the history of all things ever, I would definitely not keep his last name. If I did keep his last name, I sure as hell wouldn’t wade into any discussions about him, how he died, or why his people were so brutal to his corpse after he was executed. I wouldn’t want to insult anyone or imply in any way that he was a victim, because, well, fucking duh. But Alessandra is most definitely not me, and she decided to go the opposite route of all that, calling Carrey a “bastard.”

And right away someone had the perfect clap-back for her, which lead to her trying to play the victim again.

Evan came right back with another epic shot. That’s when Ms. Mussolini let her mask fall completely off.

Someone should sit her down and explain that O’Connell’s grandfather does, in fact, deserve applause for liberating Europe from the forces of Mussolini and the other two Axis powers. I suppose after a couple years of Trumpism, I should not be surprised that Fascism could be so deeply ingrained in the Mussolini family tree that its poisonous sap still seeps out of some of its most disgusting branches named Alessandra Mussolini.

In case you thought maybe she was just having a rough day and isn’t all that bad a person…

Let me just take the time right now to spell it out — a fascist pig is publicly supporting Donald Trump and his agenda. The American right-wing can spin, spin, spin all they want, but they should stop kidding themselves about the “Fascism of the left.” The literal creator of Fascism’s granddaughter identifies with and supports their agenda. Everyone else can take from that what they want to, but for me? It solidifies what the truth as always been — fascism is a byproduct of right-wing extremism.

The good news for those of us who care, though, is that Twitter users got wind of Mussolini’s granddaughter trying to beef with Carrey, and they were having none of it.

Crazy at it sounds, Mussolini’s granddaughter got into it with random Twitter users too. This one absolutely destroyed her.

There were even some who picked up the same thread I did about right-wingers pretending Fascism comes from the left.

The bottom line here? Benito Mussolini was the grandfather of Fascism. His literal granddaughter is a Trump loving psychopath. Take that information and do with it what you will. I recommend trolling Trump supporters with it. That just seems like the kind of information they’d do some insanely cool backflips to disregard and deflect onto Hillary or Obama or something.

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