Trump’s Most Recent Bizarre Lie: His Father Was Born in Germany

Today, CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote a column about the fact that Donald Trump has told an astounding 22 lies in his time in office so far. I’m not always a fan of Cillizza’s work, but in this case it’s a pretty simple bit of math he did, based on the numbers in The Washington Post’s fact checker’s portfolio on Trump.

Think about that. The President of the United States is AVERAGING 22 false/misleading claims a day for the last 200 days. And that is a rate four times as high as his pace of prevarication in 2017, his first year in office. (CNN)

WaPo’s fact checking staff has been relentless tracking all the lies our Commander in Thief has been telling since his inauguration. Trump lies like other people breathe. The fact that they’ve counted over 9,000 verifiable lies in less than a full term stems from the fact that he lies so much and so often, especially at his ego inflating rallies.

“They [Hillary Clinton] had a tiny, little crowd, and I had I’d like to say more, but I can’t have more than this because every seat is gone, and outside you have 25,000 people. And I remember leaving, and I said so she’s got 500 people, and I had 32,000 people including the people outside. So she’s here at prime time 7:30, I’m here at 1 in the morning. She has 500 or 600 people, I have 32,000.”

As usual, Trump inflates the number of people attending one of his rallies. The Detroit Free Press reported that night that DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, where Trump held a midnight rally, has a capacity of 4,200, far less than the 32,000 he claimed. (WaPo)

Trump lies. It’s just what he does. He can pretend that Barr Summary of the Mueller Report exonerates him, and proves he’s the most honest man to ever be president, but we know that’s just flat-out not true. Donald Trump lied about the meeting that his son had with Russian lawyers at Trump Tower in 2016. I’m not sure why Mueller didn’t think that was collusion, and I frankly don’t care at this point; if all it does is illustrate that, without a doubt, Donald J. Trump is a lying moron, then that’s all it needs to prove for me to be satisified.

Donald Trump lies so much, he doesn’t even realize when he’s lying. He’s a compulsive, manic liar. All he does is lie. Don’t believe me? He just told his wackiest, most unnecessary lie of his entire presidency while meeting with NATO’s secretary general. The topic of Germany came up, and as usual, Trump started griping about whether pays its fair share of the costs of NATO. That’s not where the lie comes in, though, surprisingly enough.

Trump’s most ridiculous lie to date came during a moment when he was, surprise surprise, just rambling. He decided to fabricate, right there on the spot, a new origin story for his family. According to President Donald Trump, his father, Fred Trump, was born in Germany. In fact, not just in Germany, but according to him, “a very wonderful place.”

But, um, there’s only problem with that statement. It’s not true, and apparently this isn’t the first time Trump has tried to say his dad was born in Germany. During a trip to Europe last year, Trump started telling people his parents were born in two countries that are now in the EU. The Smoking Gun verified at the time, however, that Fred Trump wasn’t born in Germany; he was born in New York and there’s a birth certificate to prove it, irony be damned.

I have no clue why Trump keeps repeating this lie. Maybe he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. Maybe he was told by someone his father was German and he just took it on faith. But if so, that would sure make him a big, ol’, mushroom dong’d hypocrite for giving Elizabeth Warren so much grief about her mistaken Native American genes, huh? And, well, when would Trump ever do anything hypocritical?

I mean, besides giving his friends and family security clearances over the objections of career intelligence professionals. And other than him using an iPhone that isn’t secure. Or well…okay, you caught me. I was being a smart ass. Of course he’s a hypocritical lying sack of shit douchebag.

So, here’s just one more scrap of evidence to submit to the jury, I guess.

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