Trump Tried to Spread Lies About His Approval Ratings and Got Smacked Down by the People Who Conducted the Poll

Maybe Trump didn’t collude with Russia. Until we read the full, unredacted Mueller Report we’ll never know how close the investigators came to establishing that. Until it’s released, we also won’t know how much evidence there was of Trump’s obstruction of justice. One thing we don’t need any Mueller report to tell us though? Donald Trump is a lying sack of shit.

Literally every day he lies. He lies so much it’s just a matter of course. And his Twitter account is one of his favorite tools of mendacity. Just this morning, Twiddle Dick tweeted a completely misleading graphic from his golf buddy Lou Dobb’s Fox News show last night. The graphic claimed something rather incredible: Trump’s approval ratings have shot way, way up, and he know has a 55% approval rating.

Anyone who follows politics even very slightly could probably ferret out the bullshit in that tweet from a country mile away. RealClearPolitics is hardly a bastion of left-wing libtardia. In fact, I’d say they tend to skew their aggregation toward the right, but regardless, they always have a running average of the polls, and Trump is still under 50%. The RCP average of opinion polls put Trump at a 41% approval rating, which jives much better with what is self-evident to everyone outside the right-wing media feedback bubble.

But here’s the thing — not only does this graphic tell an incredibly skewed story, the people who conducted the survey say Dobbs, and therefore Trump, completely butchered what the results. While the polling did show the 58% approval for his handling of the economy, Trump did not, in fact, get a 55% overall approval rating from 1000 registered voters. According to the head of Georgetown Politics, who ran the poll, the real approval rating is much closer to the RCP average.

Honestly, this is such a naked example of what is happening with the presidency it’s comical, in a way. Trump has taken to, essentially, just retweeting embedded Fox News clips and graphics. We used to joke all the time that Fox was the right’s state-run propaganda network, but now it’s a reality. There’s a reason that Trump hates what he calls “fake news” outlets, it’s because they don’t just blast out completely incorrect polling numbers like this. They don’t question him at all, really. Sure, Chris Wallace and Shep Smith will sometimes try to remind their viewers that reality is different from what the Hannity and Carlson dingbats tell them, but when they do, the viewers revolt and accuse them of being left-wing shills in disguise.

It’s getting to the point of eclipsing absurdity, how ridiculously full of shit everything about this administration is. All this approval ratings stupidity is happening at the same time that a report that costs millions and supposedly completely exonerates him is hidden from sight by Trump’s bag man, AG Barr. If you don’t smell a cover-up, get your nose checked. It’s funny to me after years of watching conservatives accuse Obama of conspiracy after conspiracy, they turn a blind eye to a completely obvious one right in front of their noses. If a man had written a 19-page memo saying presidents shouldn’t be accused of crimes when Hillary was president, and then she turned around and had her Democratic cohorts in the Senate ram that guy through confirmation, Republicans would be screaming from the rafters.

But focusing on the hypocrisy of Trump supporters isn’t very fruitful these days. It’s like dwelling on the wetness of water or the greenness of grass. They are hypocrites. Sure, we humans all are on some level, but they revel in and celebrate their hypocrisy. Everything they accused Obama of being — a divisive, combative, self-serving son of a bitch — Trump is in spades.

So what will this latest brazen lie get Trump? More kudos from fuckwits. And another shake of the head from me. Barring that? I couldn’t tell you.

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