If All Trump’s Going to Do is Tweet Fox News Clips, Why Doesn’t He Just Give Them Control of His Twitter?

When Donald Trump was elected — thanks Electoral Participation Trophy Vestige of Slavery College! — people jokingly started saying that meant Fox News would become the new state media outlet. Over the course of Trump’s presidency, that has pretty much shown itself to be the case. In the interest of fairness, we have to note that when the White House ripped away Jim Acosta’s press credentials for asking questions like reporters do, Fox News did publicly stand behind Acosta in journalistic solidarity. For the most part though, Fox News’ hosts — particularly Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, and Pirro — have been forceful, transparent, unabashed Trump cheerleaders and mouth pieces.

As unsurprising as it is that Fox has been carrying Trump’s water during his tenure, over the last couple of weeks, the relationship between the president and his favorite propaganda outlet has seemingly gotten stronger. I wrote a piece in August of 2017 called “Trump Replaces Entire Cabinet With “Fox & Friends” Hosts,” for one of my satirical websites, The Political Garbage Chute. But now I realize I’m going to have to update and re-run that story and instead of replacing his cabinet, Trump will be handing over control of his Twitter account to Fox News, because other than all-caps bumper sticker blasts like, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” or “WITCH HUNT!” that literally seems to be all he tweets now. And when he’s not tweeting Fox News video clips, he’s tweeting at one of their hosts or shows.

It’s pretty easy to figure out the early morning tweets like these. Obviously these are sent during morning “Executive Time” and he’s basically live-tweeting Fox News. Whatever they’re talking about, he reflexively grabs his phone and tweets some kind of response. It reminds me of when my eight year old is feeling like we’re not giving him enough attention, so he just walks into a room and belches as loudly as he can, or hops in one of our laps, just to make sure that we are aware of his presence.

Except, you know, my son is adorable and Trump is a carbuncle.

Super-glad Trump took the time to use the power of the office of the presidency to signal-boost once-relevant late night talk hosts who were such pluperfect Boomers that they couldn’t even stay retired from a show they willingly left, and then stole back from Conan O’Brien, a much funnier and more talented human being and all, but….it seems like maybe there are other things he could put his focus on?

Just more live-tweeting Fox News. No big deal. It was in his oath. “Uphold and defend the Constitution and tweet stream of consciousness nonsense about cable news programming.”

And of course just more mindless tweeting and @ing Fox so they know when to retweet him, I guess.

Aaaannnddd here he is tweeting the Fox & Friends hosts again…

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that he made sure to not only tag Fox & Friends and another right-wing news outlet, he made sure to tweet about a non-thing. Apparently Trump and his GOP pals want us to believe that there’s a mass exodus of Jewish people leaving the Democratic Party. It’s beyond wishful thinking; Clinton got a huge majority of the Jewish American vote in 2016, but Donny Trump won’t let that stop him from pushing a totally baseless and non-existent thing for the sake of his foamy mouth faithful, will he?

Lately, and I don’t know if this is laziness, or what, but Trump has started to just post whole clips from Fox News. I guess that’s easier than re-typing, often times horribly, what the fawning hosts say. He can just post the clip and his fans can envision him straddling the tweet, his tiny thumb raised in approval. At first, Trump would retweet videos posted by the Fox hosts, like Lou Dobbs.

But now, he’s just straight up posting the video clips to his own Twitter feed. I’d like to thank whoever taught him how do to this, but I’m sure it’s just some low-level social media boy doing this for him. Can you imagine if Barack Obama had just spent all day tweeting at MSNBC and posting their video clips? I’m not saying this is impeachable. It’s laughable. And stupid.

And another clip from Fox.

Followed by him tweeting at Fox & Friends again…

These tweets are some of my favorites though. Because they not only show the unapologetic, completely synergized connection between the White House and Fox; they also show he’s willing to bully private companies in ways that would have gotten Obama or Bill Clinton hung in effigy and impeached. Trump goes to bat for one of his loudest lap dogs, Judge Jeanine, who was suspended by Fox News for her Islamaphobic remarks.

Now we’re right back to just posting Fox News clips.

Apparently King Trump wasn’t pleased with the weekend hosts Fox had on, and decided to opine about it.

Then we got back onto familiar ground — tweeting Fox News videos.

So many Fox News videos…

And then some more tweeting directly at Fox News hosts.

Followed-up by yet another Fox News video without any commentary of his own.

Then a Fox News video with a little commentary thanking the host.

Then another video without commentary.

After which he tweeted at a couple of hosts again…

And then today, back to tweeting videos from Fox News.

Oh, but first another tweet at the hosts.

Then some more videos.

In just over 14 days, Trump tweeted about Fox News, or straight-up posted Fox News clips about 30 times. How are we not supposed to take them as his personal propaganda outlet? Again, just imagine if Barack Obama had spent the majority of his time in office just watching MSNBC and tweeting what he saw? It’s truly infuriating that we had to listen for eight years to people calling Obama lazy, and they elect a rage-tweeting Grampa to give us the world’s worst TV guide synopsis of the channel we want to watch the least.

So all of this leaves me with this very real, sincere question:

Why doesn’t Trump just hand control of his Twitter account to Fox News? Just cut out the middle man. Think of all the extra time he’d have for golfing, or eating KFC. You know, the stuff the Constitution says a president should do?

Just a thought.

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