Watch AOC Use the Opioid Crisis to Completely Dismantle the Trump Administration’s Fake Border Emergency

Lately, I’ve taken to referring to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as my political patronus. If you’re not familiar with Harry Potter, suffice to say a patronus is your spirit animal. The fire that AOC brings to every hearing she’s part of, and with which she expertly dissects, dissembles, and then discards the trash heap of lies and excuses that Trumpers use on her is something to be admired and copied as a template for every other elected official who even pretends to care about making America a fairer, more just, more perfect union.

There is a reason that Republicans are terrified of AOC, and it’s not just because she unabashedly wears the title “Democratic Socialist” on her name tag. They call literally everything they don’t like, or more accurately understand, socialism anyway. What scares Republicans the most is that she keeps destroying them in hearings. Last week, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez caught Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a lie so badly, he was left looking like a baffled, senile, old man and he refused to answer any more of her questions, like the whiny snowflake cuck we on the left get accused of being.

The Republicans wish they’d had someone as intelligent and prepared as AOC on their side when they questioned Hillary Clinton for eighteen billion hours over Benghazi. They like to pretend that Trey Gowdy is some kind of expert at congressional cross-examination because he happened to be an attorney, but the unavoidable truth is that for every hour of angry, sweaty, glossy rhetoric spewed forth from Gowdy’s word hole, there are ten minutes of concentrated, “STFU” in AOC’s questions. The difference? AOC gets results.

Congress has a path to Trump’s tax returns now, thanks to her questioning of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you use oversight power correctly. The Republicans know this, and that’s why they are attacking literally every single thing she does.

Well, yesterday Ocasio-Cortez did it again. Using nothing more than critical thinking and unflinching questioning, AOC exposed the truth about Trump’s fake national emergency on the border. All she had to do was bring up to the Trump administration’s drug policy director that they declared an emergency over the opioid crisis, and then point out how much money they stole from other projects — like they intend to do for Trump’s idiotic wall. The answer was embarrassing if you’re a Trumper.

Ocasio-Cortez exposes this in her usual brilliant fashion by asking National Drug Control Policy Director James Carroll exactly how much money has been transferred around to combat the opioid epidemic that Trump called a public health emergency in 2017? “Very little.” (WokeSloth)

Let’s just take a moment now to remember that the opioid crisis claims many, many times more people’s lives than are murdered by “illegal immigrants.” If the argument for the border wall is that it protects peoples’ lives, it’s an argument that doesn’t make such sense. When you consider that the border wall is supposed to help stop the flow of illegal opioids into the country, you would think that meant the Trump administration would have poured even more money into the emergency declaration they made about it, but AOC got the administration to admit that’s not nearly the case.

It’s kind of impossible to know the exact numbers, but estimates of how many people are killed by immigrants to be less than 500. No matter how you slice it, Trump’s math is bogus. Then again, it’s his same math skills that had him count hundreds of Muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11, so his math skills are suspect AF to begin with, before you even consider the casinos he bankrupted.

There are no hard numbers on how many people were killed by any type of migrant in any particular year, but considering the fact that migrants do not commit crimes at a rate higher than people born in the U.S. (and there’s a lot of data to support the idea that they actually commit fewer crimes), the folks over at Politifact estimate that number to be about 455.

The worst part for the Trump administration, and I would think this will be brought up in court cases against his bullshit wall and emergency declaration, is that they have no real answer for why they didn’t spend more money on the original opioid emergency. All Carroll could muster was a mealy-mouthed platitude about “different intents.”

“I think they were done with two different intents,” says Carroll in reference two the opioid emergency and the Southern border “emergency,” “When the opioid crisis was identified, it was to bring awareness … to make sure that people, parents, everyone understood the issue.”

Every day brings us a fresh reminder of just how inept, corrupt, racist, and ignorant the current presidential administration is. Thankfully, we have people like AOC in congress now, willing to do the job the Constitution gives them and hold Trump accountable.

Watch a video of AOC’s confrontation with James Carroll, via NowThis, below:

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